Friday, September 22, 2023

Zemene Kassie’s letter from prison

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Zemene Kassie’s letter from prison. Hunger cannot be eradicated alone. Together, we must create innovative agricultural livelihoods and life-saving solutions at scale. Africa has the potential to become a global leader in agriculture and agribusiness.

According to FAO’s Project Environment, Agriculture and Land for Africa Open Data (D.E.A.L), Africa has more than twice as much planted area as the European Union. There is also great potential for young people who, given the right opportunities, can become the next entrepreneurs and agribusiness leaders. FAO recommends several measures to combat rising hunger in Africa, including Increasing the efficiency of the use of agricultural materials, including fertilizers.

Reduce food loss and waste along the food supply chain. African countries will use the African Continental Free Trade Area to improve production capacity and trade and use science and innovation to improve their agri-food systems, including more targeted improvements in business models, financing mechanisms, and partnerships. We need to drive change. Time is running out and action must be accelerated. We must not allow Africa to starve further under surveillance.

Similar kits are offered for vegetable production and animal husbandry. These kits are also being used in other countries such as South Sudan. They are not handouts. It is an investment that rewards better production, nutrition, environment, and life, leaving no one behind. These four better things are the core principles of FAO’s work.

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