Friday, September 22, 2023

Yebeteseb Chewata episode 21

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Due to the large number of people in Megenaga, the Efuye Gela itself does not pass. Yebeteseb Chewata season 19 episode 21. You are part of a group hanging out at a beer pub. There are many stories about nothing and everything. It’s one of those times when everyone is talking and nobody says anything. And then the conversation turns to politics, you guessed it…a few more muted comments are made. Then all eyes will be on you. What do you think? Express your opinion on some issues and be overly cautious about what to take and avoid. I have noticed that some faces have lost their natural glow. what! You’re probably wondering, “What did I do wrong?” No need to wait long. A question from the man echoes in the facial expressions of half the group. “Which country are you from?” So why would they want to know which part of the country you’re from, your ethnic group if you’ve made your opinion public? , that should have been the end of the chapter. Like it or not, your opinion feeds into our ethnic profiling software. Not only in politics, but in other areas of everyday life, people want to know which part of the country you are from. Why are we obsessed with knowing someone’s place of birth? Why can’t it be accepted as is?

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