Friday, September 22, 2023

What’s new with Ethiopian celebrities

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The week’s Ethiopian celebrities update on Ashruka. What’s new with Ethiopian celebrities? We believe it will not be a bed of roses and that much work will be required to fully implement everything we aspire to implement about our needs. Because our idea is quite unusual, we may face some resistance from the internet network, people’s understanding of the concept, and technology handling. Nonetheless, in recent years, contact centers and application-based services have become a “necessary” service in our country, particularly in our capital city of Addis Ababa. In this regard, the demand for all-in-one call center and application-based services has increased dramatically; on the other hand, many residents have increased their demand for call center-based services, so this business idea looks at ways to fill this inevitable gap while striving to provide maximum satisfaction to residents or any of our service seekers. As I mentioned, our company attempted to gather renowned handymen and service-providing organizations from all parts of the city and its outskirts. Furthermore, all handymen and service providers have a legitimate contract with Min Litazez Addis, their credentials are registered, and a copy is stored in our care. So, if a handyman leaves before completing a task and hears customer complaints, Min Litazez Addis appoints another handyman to complete the job. Additionally, our program assigns a rating to all home improvement and contractors that welcome customer input, so non-performing home improvement and contractors will be penalized according to the legal action we provided in our previous and future job listings. For stolen versions, Min Litazez Addis will provide the legal entity with addresses, ID copies, and other relevant documents.

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