Friday, September 22, 2023

What’s new about Adi Arkay Humera Sekota and Gidan

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Ethio251 Media update What’s new about Adi Arkay Humera Sekota and Gidan? What’s new about Adi Arkay Humera Sekota and Gidan? The places that are freed. Dashen is one of the woredas in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Located at the northeastern point of the Semien Gondar Zone, dashen is bordered on the south by Jan Amora, on the southwest by Debarq, on the north by the Tigray Region, and on the east by Tselemt. Towns in Dashen include Dashen and Zarima. Tselemt woreda was separated from Dashen. This woreda is situated on the northern slopes of the Semien Mountains. Rivers include the Zarima, a tributary of the Tekezé. Due to its inaccessibility and the lack of the most basic infrastructure, in 1999 the Regional government classified dashen as one of its 47 drought-prone and food-insecure woredas. Based on the 2007 national census conducted by the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia (CSA), this woreda has a total population of 93,763, a decrease of 12.36% from the 1994 census, of whom 47,907 are men and 45,856 women; 10,391 or 11.08% are urban inhabitants. With an area of 1,685.16 square kilometers, Addi Arkay has a population density of 55.64, which is less than the Zone average of 63.76 persons per square kilometer.

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