Friday, September 22, 2023

We shared one loaf of bread to survive

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I lost my marriage because of Kana TV. We shared one loaf of bread to survive. The land is provided primarily through two mechanisms. The government provides ground directly for public facilities, public projects, and public services such as health, education, condominiums, and utilities.

However, private developers access the land through land lease auctions. The city government was supposed to hold a monthly land auction, but since 2017 it has not happened due to corruption in the process. Since 2017, she has held only three of her auction rounds.

As a result, the gap between the demand and supply of land in the capital has widened. This has also pushed up real estate prices. Land shortages in cities are also fueling inflation in other markets. The office also introduced new minimum prices for upcoming auctions due to price revisions implemented by the University of Addis Ababa.

Based on the location of the plot and its intended use, he also divides the price into four tiers. The lowest price for ground-floor land in the capital’s center is 2,213 birr per square meter. The minimum price for plots in the suburbs is 748 birr per square meter. The minimum price for everyone has been significantly increased compared to the current minimum price. Department officials said the department will continue to hold regular land auctions this time around, using both manual and digital auction management systems to avoid corruption.

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