Friday, September 22, 2023

Unheard facts about Firehiwot Tamiru

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Unheard facts about the CEO of Ethio telecom, Firehiwot Tamiru. CEO of Ethio Telecom, Frehiwot Tamru, attended the launching event of the network service in Gambella town on Thursday. “It is enormously believed that high bandwidth, high-speed features, and reliable data services of 4G LTE will enable and empower our customers to digitize their services, increase productivity and improve their experiences,” the telecom firm said. Ethio telecom plans to expand 4G LTE service in 103 cities with high data usage in the country. Including Gambella Town, the telecom firm has expanded the 4G LTE service in 73 towns in Addis Ababa and 13 regions. “Our company is about to finalize the expansion of 4G LTE service in line with the data growth and demand and is in the process of launching the service in the remaining regional towns soon,” Ethio telecom says. The company also advised its customers who reside in those towns where the 4G LTE service is available to upgrade their 3G SIM cards to 4G free of charge in Ethio telecom shops.

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