Friday, September 22, 2023

They arrested journalist Gobeze Sisay again

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“The police didn’t show us ID” – They arrested journalist Gobeze Sisay again. The wife of Journalist Gobeze Sisay speaks about his arrest. Interview with Mrs. Meseret Desalegn. While passing through, I often hear visitors say, “Why don’t they hold the water and use it for irrigation? Why don’t they put windmills?” In other words: “Why don’t they try and control nature?” This mindset is in sharp contrast with the people, who have managed to live and keep their livestock here for so long, adapting themselves to nature instead. There are many technical, economical, and even political factors that, when explored in depth, may help us in finding some answers to the questions posed by the visitor. But that is beside the point I want to make. There is a difference between people, who are used to controlling and manipulating their external environment and those who adjust and respond to external forces and use them to their advantage. Compare this with water sports, which is one of my hobbies. My little motorboat allows me to steer my way over the water in the direction I want. I am in control. I also like sailing though. Sailors use the waves and wind to find their way out and back, a much more difficult thing to do. Now, what has all this to do with doing business?

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