Friday, September 22, 2023

There is nothing to be gained from death – Sekela Show

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Discussion on current issues on the Sekela Show. Many of the sellers and owners of Habesha dresses claim that business has been slow this year because of the country’s economic changes.

Habesha dress shop owners such as Hagos claim that working with weavers is hard as some lack discipline while others lack the skills. He claims that it would be good if the government could organize short training for people working in this field so the products will have better quality, which, in turn, will help the market to develop within the international market.

Wudnesh Hailu (Ph.D.) enjoys wearing Habesha dresses to events, holidays, and Sundays. She says that it is comfortable to wear during any season of the year and even abroad. She adds that Habesha dresses are made from cotton, which is also good for the skin. Wudnesh told The Reporter that she feels sad that Chinese manufactures manufacturers are creating counterfeit Habesha dresses.

It hurts the economy of the traditional weavers badly and is not even good for the health of those who wear fake clothes as the clothes are not made of cotton but polyester. Scientifically, cotton is known to be good for people’s health. She said that the government should protect Habesha Kemis as it does with coffee and try to do so with teff because Habesha dresses are unique only to Ethiopia.

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