Friday, September 22, 2023

The voiceless Amhara voices

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Daily Ethiopian news on October 13, 2022. This place is a haven not only for the elderly but also for the younger generation who follow in their father’s footsteps and participate in various wellness activities. These young people were trained and mentored to grow up alongside role models and lead healthy lifestyles. Such centers play an essential role in their lives and help build and foster healthy, productive, responsible communities. In addition to contributing to social welfare, socio-economic aspects should not be neglected. His more than 200 employees who provide community services live at the center, but these employees are the main source of income. Serving communities for over 40 years at affordable/subsidized prices, customers from all walks of life get snacks and lunches that pack in their precious time. Such community centers act as breathing spaces and green spaces, providing oxygen to congested cities, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and making a significant contribution to a healthy lifestyle. Towering skyscrapers have turned cities into concrete jungles, and the need for more green space and parks must be addressed to benefit society and local communities. It’s heartening to see green spaces and parks being set up across cities these days as part of various government programs working towards facilities that are essential to the health and well-being of individuals.

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