Friday, September 22, 2023

The unexpected actions of a mother

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According to the Harari Region Police Department, The worker put the baby in the fridge and it was found alive!! The unexpected actions of a mother. The police said that the child that the employee had locked in the fridge was found alive. Harari Region Police Commission Women and Children Investigation Co-ordinator Commander Abebech Shewarega has announced that an 11-month-old baby was found in the fridge of a woman who was employed as a domestic worker in Kebele 05 Buda Ber, Harari City, Harari Region. It is known that the baby is locked in the fridge when the baby’s aunt enters the house and asks the maid if the baby is missing. She says that it is the shower room. The aunt, suspicious, goes into the shower room and sees no room. Finally, the aunt hears a muffled sound. The baby is found sitting in a tomato container and locked in the fridge when she opens the fridge. Commander Abebech said that the investigation indicated. According to the official, when the child’s mother and father went to work, the foster worker told the child’s aunt, who arrived at the time, why she did this, that the child kept opening the refrigerator and left it in the refrigerator to scare her. It is known that the accused is currently under arrest and is being investigated and the child is in good health. Commander Abebech added that the family speculated that the child had been sitting in the fridge for 2 hours.

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