Friday, September 22, 2023

The school that asked to be paid in Euros in Addis Ababa

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The school asked to be paid in Euros in Addis Ababa. Feta Daily news update on November 17, 2022. Jawar’s comment on the current situation. The current case of the NaMA party, New information about the OLF Shene, and other news updates of the day. In the latest string of full-fledged military attacks on civilians, the Oromo Liberation Front – Shane gunmen reportedly killed an unspecified number of civilians in the Dera district of Shoa. The attack mostly happened in Gundo Meskel on Sunday morning. Authorities from the area told EMS services that government forces arrived in the town in the afternoon and had intense fighting with OLF-Shane forces. Apart from the killings of civilians, the group kidnapped many civilians. Michael Teshome, Dera District deputy head, has confirmed that the attack has happened. He also confirmed that civilians have been killed but the number of casualties is unspecified. He also claimed that government forces inflicted “heavy casualties” on the rebel forces. Gundomeskel is located about 232 kilometers northwest of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. It is said that the OLF Shane rebel groups have been infiltrating several localities in the district for more than a year now. Before the attack in Gundo Meskel, the group attempted to take control of Nekemte, in Wollega, but it did not last long.

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