Friday, September 22, 2023

The sad incident around Gotera

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The sad incident around Gotera, Wengelawit area. It is very sad! A mother and a child died in the collapse of a wall where they were sleeping in the barn.

Mindful of its obligation under international law the government of Ethiopia has declared its commitment to investigating crimes committed in the context of the conflict in the northern part of the country and prosecuting perpetrators regardless of the official position they may hold. Accordingly, it set up an Inter-Ministerial Taskforce to implement the recommendations of the JTI report.

Since its creation, the Taskforce has conducted several activities toward the attainment of its objectives. As part of its mandate, it has undertaken wide-ranging investigation works and instituted proceedings against members of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) implicated in the commission of various crimes in Tigray. It is also set to prosecute civilians involved in egregious crimes committed in other regions during the war. Given its mandate is confined to addressing events that took place within a specified timeframe, the joint investigation report does not give a comprehensive account of all relevant incidents that occurred during this period.

Furthermore, the recurrence of violations against civilian populations after the joint investigation cut-off date (28 June 2021) makes it imperative to undertake a fresh investigation since then. It’s only then that accountability, justice, and effective remedies can be delivered for the victims of the war.

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