Friday, September 22, 2023

The popular vocalist Madingo Afework, and the way of righteousness

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Seifu on EBS – The popular vocalist Madingo Afework, and the way of righteousness. The details of the contract are not available but there is much speculation about whether the terms of the contract as it is all confidential the known and revealed part is that any dispute that arises out of the contract is to be taken to China. Now, it does not take an expert to identify that in a dispute between two parties from two different countries, it would be unfair to take the dispute to either one of these countries. The discussion should not even take into account the quality of legal systems or dispute resolution centers of these countries, the dispute should be elsewhere in the interest of impartiality. Alas, that is not the case.
The debt amount is over 2 billion USD and one would think that the drafters and negotiators on the Kenyan side would pay close attention to the terms of the contract. It is still unclear whether the default by Kenya would trigger the takeover of the Mombasa port by the Chinese. Nonetheless, the fact that this could even be a possibility is highly frightening and proof that we are yet to learn the lessons of the Wuchale Treaty! Although I focused on Kenya, many of our governments have signed such treaties with disturbing terms and conditions, and we will suffer the difficult consequences. So, as we mark this holiday, I plead with all to please pay close attention to what you sign in our names, we may have won the Battle of Adwa but we may not win the battle ahead of us, and at what cost will we learn from our experiences?

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