Friday, September 22, 2023

The New Ethiopian Amharic movie Telaye

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The New Ethiopian Amharic movie Telaye 2022. The theme was on the crux played by association members related to theatre and performance as well as on how to boost memberships.

Identifying and breaking the shell that was excepting the professionals from sitting together, and coming up with a vibrant association, was up for debate. Failing to come out of a multi-layered reality to form a strong lobby group was hard to imagine. Coming from people who envision plays, perform and give life to stories on the stage through discipline makes it more awkward.

After all, these were individuals with a sparkling sense of humor and abilities, with much to give to other professionals. A young woman stirred the debate and opened the stage for discussions, manifesting excellent potential teamwork through tremendous confidence and public speaking skills. It was an exciting opportunity to sit in a gathering where creative thinking is a trademark, with the tools of problem-solving.

The benefits of stage performance through the virtues of vocal warm-ups and exercises that muscle the voice as an effective medium can be seen in performers and key industry players. Listening to their performative presence and expressive actions was thrilling. Heated discussions between the seniors drawing performances on the stage revealed the rich and delightful history of the Ethiopian theatre industry.

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