Friday, September 22, 2023

The new BeHig Amlak drama part 8

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The new Ethiopian tv drama BeHig Amlak drama season 1 part 8 on Arts TV. Since the early days of performing arts colleges in London and Paris, the importance of self-expression for artists has been emphasized. Theater, dance, and other performing arts can teach people how to express themselves effectively and can be a means of communication for people with disabilities. Many performing arts students are shy when attending classes, but gradually gain confidence as they find ways to communicate.

In addition to teaching self-expression, performing arts Helps society as a whole in self-awareness and self-understanding. Theater and the performing arts hope to teach society about itself and reveal the attitudes and ways of thinking of contemporary society. This could be a tool for educating people on their current state. One of the reasons there are so many performing arts colleges in London and Paris is that the performing arts teach us history and educate us in other ways.

Classical plays like Shakespeare and Moliere help us understand the people around us and how they should react in certain situations. In Sheridan’s works like School for Scandal even, told us something about ourselves and were seen as risqué political commentary when they were first performed. The fact that the center is about to close shows the importance of the theater in maintaining the history and understanding of the nation’s citizens.

Performing arts is all about being creative. Without a creative voice, a society can be all but dead within, and a social group without creativity can become oppressive and despotic rather than a force for good. Undoubtedly, it is important to have people in the company who can express themselves creatively. Biologists have argued that the formation of creativity is the most important step in human development and that society cannot progress without creative people. I have some form of performing arts course, such as Shakespeare at Upon Avon. The performing arts must continue to be nurtured and promoted.

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