Friday, September 22, 2023

The mother found her son in prison

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The mother found her son in prison. “Shouldn’t we go home together?” It is helpful to look at these issues from different points of view and to figure out how politics, the economy, and government worked during the postcolonial era. A society is not a static phenomenon in any manner; rather, it is organic and dynamic in nature and continually open to new changes.

The ability of a group of persons to interact with another by a set of norms, standards, and normative principles they all share defines a collection of humans as a society. Every society is diverse because it practices its own culture in distinct ways. People adhere to a distinct set of cultural norms and beliefs around the world, not just in Africa.

Even though African countries have varied cultural and societal standards, the continent has numerous similarities. Cultures, for example, can be classified according to their major economic activity, such as “hunting and gathering,” “pastoral,” “horticultural,” “agricultural,” “fishing and seafaring,” “industrial,” and so on. However, many undesirable behaviors are on the rise in African civilization as a result of societal collapse, poverty, and unemployment.

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