Friday, September 22, 2023

The issue of the cross project

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The issue of the cross-project. “See our greatness and respect us”. Mahibere Kidusan is a Christian religious organization that started as a religious movement more than three decades ago. It started its work in educational institutions to promote the church to the younger generation, forming various associations. Later the society devised a strategy to expand its apostolic mission and achieve its goals and see the Church play a leading role in the social change of its people. The Bible explicitly suggests that the first Christian convert was the Ethiopian eunuch, written in Acts 8. Before the disciples of Jesus went outside of Israel to preach Christ, Philip the Evangelist happened to meet an Ethiopian eunuch who posed questions about the Christian faith and Jesus Christ before he embraced Christianity. Later on, he came back to Ethiopia and preached the faith. The originality of Christianity in Ethiopia and the Ethiopian church is partly attributed to that story. Ethiopian Church teaching has it that the Cross on which Jesus was crucified continued to do miracles and heal patients after the ascension of Jesus Christ. Descendants of the establishment that crucified Jesus Christ were embarrassed about it so much so that they had to hide the cross; dug deep, buried it, and made the place where it was buried a dumping place. Sometime in the fourth century, Empress Eleni, who was said to have spiritual guidance, started the search for it, located and uncovered it after excavation work. Thereafter, the cross lived in Jerusalem for centuries and was later shared by the then-powerful countries.

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