Friday, September 22, 2023

The Fate Of Fendika Cultural Center

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The Fate Of Fendika Cultural Center. Fendika Cultural Center was established in 2016, but the original Fendika Azmari Bet opened its door in the early 1990s.

While the other Azmari Bets disappeared due to the pressure of Addis Ababa’s rapid development, Fendika has survived until today, thanks to Melaku’s passion for Ethiopian music and dance, his belief in the power of art and creativity in building communities, enthusiastic attendance of concerts and events by local and international friends, and many other forms of support we have been blessed with (fundraising, invitations to music festivals, press coverage, etc.).

Fendika shares Ethiopian cultures globally, provides opportunities to artists, and facilitates people-to-people exchange through arts and culture. Its Vision is to build economic and civic infrastructures for artists to enjoy dignity, financial sustainability, and artistic freedom, and to foster peace and healing. Ethiopia is an ancient country – and at the same time, it is very young: only a short time ago the military government of “Derg” collapsed, and the country could slowly begin to rebuild itself. And only today, a new generation of Ethiopians begins to feel that once again, their country has a cultural identity.

For two decades now, Melaku and his “Azmari Family” of artists have been essential for this process of rebuilding and reconstitution. FENDIKA is the oldest and most important cultural club in Addis Ababa. If FENDIKA disappears, Our culture will also disappear.

Your contribution to our campaign will allow FENDIKA, Melaku, and his Azmari Family to continue to exist and contribute to the rebuilding of Ethiopia’s cultural identity. Together with Melaku we strongly believe a culture is an essential building part of a National identity of a people.

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