Friday, September 22, 2023

The current situation of Addi Arkay

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What’s new in Wag Hemra and Addi Arkay? The current situation of Addi Arkay. There is unconfirmed news from citizen journalism that Ethiopian forces have seized a strategic location in the Abergele (Wag Hemra) zone bordering the central-western Tigray. The TPLF made no new claims regarding control of cities or regions this week. Some fear that TPLF forces are using a ruse to avoid the cities and clear the countryside to move further south. The TPLF has launched the third round of military offensives against Ethiopia days after he “stole” 570,000 liters of fuel from a World Food Program storage facility in Mek’ele. The TPLF this week accused the Ethiopian government of opening new fronts in the west. Furthermore, it is claimed that the Ethiopian army has joined forces with the Eritrean army to start the war from the north as well. Demeke Mekonen, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs dismissed the accusations, saying that what he called his TPLF, his terrorist unit, generally started fighting and blaming others. When the deputy prime minister engaged a diplomatic corps in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa earlier this week, he said the government would take appropriate action against his renewed TPLF aggression while remaining committed to unconditional peace talks. He said he had a duty to do so. The Ethiopian government is still waging a defensive war and has reportedly yet to launch a counterattack that is expected to hit the TPLF hard.

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