Friday, September 22, 2023

The combined forces continued to move forward

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The information acquired from the East Amara Fano from Kobo! “We’re moving forward.” Kobo was completely freed and the combined army continued to attack forward. There was a heavy fort on Gobye, Lago, and Aradum, which the TPLF prepared and wintered while fighting with the Ethiopian army. A thousand young men of Tigre were trampled like leaves and he was locked up in this fortress. The national defense army, Kne Bandau, Eastern Amara Fano Army, Amara Special Force, and Amara Minisham were fighting against the Tigre army that was standing in front of them to attack them in fierce battles around these forts. The TPLF did not want to leave, and the coalition forces tried to release them. Some are envious of the TPLF’s luck. He was cut off from his sword and was caught in a conspiracy. However, today the TPLF has lost its power. Energy failed her.
After the spear took decisive action against the battalion, which had been fighting as a defense against us and was captured by many brave warriors, after the spear took action against the battalion after the freedom was given to the Fanom of East Ammara to emerge on the ridge and ridge that he knew as his heart, the defense sniper continued to offer the Fano of East Amara in large numbers. After the air cover was properly provided to the fighting army, here is the expected victory of Ethiopia today.

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