Friday, September 22, 2023

The challenge of life and marriage

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The challenge of life and marriage! When you walked down the aisle together, you weren’t thinking of the most common marital problems. You were madly in love, more than ready to spend your life with your partner, and willing to do whatever was possible to make that person happy every single day. Yes, you heard all of the advice that married couples had given you, and you remember being told that marriage took a lot of work, and involved both good and tough times. You hoped you and your new spouse would be a model married couple. Fast forward a few years, and maybe you find yourself sleeping alone in a guest room. You rarely talk to your partner, or when you do, it takes everything to avoid a fight. Maybe you’re convinced everything they say is some sort of dig or insult. You argue so regularly that you can’t remember the last time you went a day without some heated exchange. Your life is struggling or nonexistent. You lay in bed at night wondering how you ever got to this place, and how you’re ever going to find your way out of it. Marriage problems can be emotionally draining and incredibly lonely.

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