Friday, September 22, 2023

The bright memories of our childhood Ababa Tesfaye

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ZayRide’s amazing action. The bright memories of our childhood Ababa Tesfaye. Ababa Tesfaye was a TV host, the author of several children’s books, and an all-around performer. He was a singer and played several traditional instruments. He was also an actor, in the 1940s and 50s. He worked at the City Hall Theater House and the National Theater. As an actor, he left his mark as one of the renowned cross-gender actors, playing women’s roles on stage. He was also a dancer and a chirographer. Ababa Tesfaye is most recognized for his iconic children’s TV show ‘Yelejoch Gize’ (loosely translated, children’s time) and his famous catchphrase ‘Lijoch Yezare Abebawoch, Ynege Frewoch’ (loosely translated children today flowers tomorrow’s seeds). Ababa Tesfaye started his television career at the Ethiopian national television station EBC, formerly known as ETV. He was the first to pitch the idea for the station to have programs suited for children. His proposal was accepted by the then management of the channel. When the station was launched in 1965, Ababa Tesfaye’s children’s show titled Yelejoch Gize (loosely translated, children’s time) was one of the few original shows for the station. He was the producer, director, and presenter of the show. Ababa Tesfaye leaves a strong mark on the entertainment industry for children serving the station for 41 years. He is considered a pioneer for taking the Ethiopian rich tradition of tales, folklore, and allusions and using it to teach children ethics, morals, and integrity. Ababa Tesfaye joined the National Theater Stage, in the late 1950s and the 60s. He appeared in nearly 70 theaters and engaged as a director and writer for many. He enjoyed especially playing challenging roles, including acting as women, when it was difficult to find women actors to play the roles.

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