Friday, September 22, 2023

The brave soldier who was unjustly imprisoned and released

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The brave soldier was unjustly imprisoned and released. Sargent Ayida Alaro. In 2021, the global economy grew by 5.6 percent. By 2022, this is expected to fall to 3.2 percent. The assumption is that it will drop in 2023 too. When the global economy contracted, manufacturing and trade also shrank. So the global demand for air cargo transport also shrinks. The main reason for the cargo drop is the global economic contraction. When covdi19 first came, only Wuhan province was closed down and the rest of the provinces in China were actively working. But now, the whole country is closed. So manufacturing activities were at standstill in China. A trade war is also on the cards now between China and America. So these factors are weakening the cargo business. Many airlines are currently speeding up their flight frequencies, which they have reduced since COVID-19. Fly Emirates has slashed its flight numbers substantially. Now they are increasing it. Etihad and Turkish airlines are also doing the same. But they are far from reaching pre-covid19 performance. Qatar is undertaking an aggressive expansion. They even reached an agreement to acquire 49 percent of Rwanda’s air. They will use Rwanda Air as a partner. So, while other airlines are struggling to attain their pre-covid19 status, Qatar is aggressively working to expand to the African market. Competition is our mark and what we always do. So we are working to win the competition successfully.

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