Friday, September 22, 2023

The artists food testing contest

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Gemza movie crew entertaining food testing contest on the Seifu show. Some Ethiopian films perfectly craft the show the writer had in mind, eliciting the entire message and meaning behind the creation. Unfortunately, many Ethiopian films leave much to be desired and are a terrible waste of beautifully crafted Ethiopian stories.2022 has, for the most part, brought us incredible visual creativity, interesting storylines, and amazing talent from our cast, directors, and stylists. This is undoubtedly caused by increased competition between actors/directors/writers and increased economic incentives to bring great Ethiopian films through YouTube, cinemas, etc. “Will the rain run through her hair?” the girl asked her friend sitting next to her on the bus. I stopped talking to my friend in Amharic, returned to my seat, and said in fluent Greek: The amazement on their faces was palpable. They began to apologize profusely to our target, the University of Athens. The year was 1956 and the author was fortunate enough to be the first black person to graduate in Greece.

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