Friday, September 22, 2023

The amazing underwater waterfall in Mauritius

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A waterfall in the water? yes. Well, something like that. Off a small island in the Indian Ocean, there appears to be a waterfall submerged in the ocean itself. Most continents on Earth have a familiar continental shape, but this rule has some exceptions. In some selected locations, land masses emerge as they are pushed upward by the eruptive forces of volcanoes emanating from the Earth’s mantle, even surrounded by ocean waters that can submerge to depths of several miles or more. These geological hotspots often form oceanic islands and island chains, along with other well-known islands such as the Hawaiian Islands, American Samoa, and the Galapagos Islands. But a lesser-known group of oceanic islands lies about 2,000 miles east of Africa’s east coast. Beneath the surface remains a submarine plateau known as the Mascarene Plateau. In some selected locations, such as Seychelles in the north and the Mascarene Islands in the south, volcanic features have created land masses that rise above sea level and have been inhabited by humans for centuries. Not only does Mauritius have some of the most beautiful natural landscapes on earth, but it also has a unique and striking feature that looks like an underwater waterfall.

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