Friday, September 22, 2023

The amazing action of the artist’s daughter

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The daughter of artist Gossaye Tesfaye. Coffee ceremonies are usually hosted, attended, and endorsed by women. In some parts of Ethiopia, reading the ground coffee marks left on the bottom of the cup is still practiced after drinking the liquid. Some consider it a serious sign of what lies ahead. Starting her day with coffee is a custom for most Ethiopians, especially in rural areas. People who live in cities often drink coffee for lunch. Many households still brew coffee three times a day. morning, noon, and evening. Ceremonies can last from a few minutes to an hour or more if they are taken at a leisurely pace. In old towns where residents know each other, they often drink coffee together. If a woman brews coffee in one of her homes during the ceremony, she sends her child to her neighbors and invites them to attend. Those who are at home usually come. The ceremony is held at a leisurely pace, with cups (Sini) evenly distributed on a board (Rekebot), usually placed on a bed of grass or flowers to add charm to the ceremony. Coffee pots (Jebena), incense burners, charcoal stoves, and homemade snacks (usually toasted grains, popcorn, or flatbread) are among the usual ingredients in spreads.

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