Friday, September 22, 2023

Tadele Roba talked about the late artist Madingo

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Interview with artist Tadele Roba. Tadele talks about the incident he went to the hospital, and about their friendship. We often assume that losing a friend is an unfortunate experience, thereby eliminating its seriousness and its impact on our lives. This is especially noticeable when leaving behind. Of course, surviving spouses, children, parents, siblings, and even grandparents are deeply affected, but it makes your loss less significant and puts you at the bottom of the list. It is not. Regardless of these precautions, your grief is just as important and deserves full attention. please give me. You may feel guilty about previous arguments, or regret things you said or did. Mourning the loss of a friend is as personal and unique as any other grief. It can be shaped by your relationship with them and influenced by age. Children don’t have the life experience to deal with losing someone, let alone their best friend. Coping with such a loss can be very difficult and traumatic for them. When it does, it could raise questions about her mortality and safety, as well as that of her siblings, other friends, parents, and others. When your child is grieving the loss of her friend, it is essential to explain how the loss affects them. You may not be able to hang out together, spend more sleepovers, attend birthdays, or see each other at school. Ask questions about friends and losses and encourage them to answer honestly. Watch out for behavioral changes such as bedwetting, refusing to go to school, not doing homework, or wanting to be with your ex-boyfriend.

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