Friday, September 22, 2023

Religious leaders were killed in Arsi

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The voice of Amhara Daily Ethiopian news on October 27, 2022. Religious leaders were killed in Arsi. top and stagnant living standards for the majority.’ Trying to deconstruct the cumulative impact of the technosphere on the human animal, particularly in the realm of psychology, culture, religion, relations, etc., has not been a welcomed thread of inquiry, even in academia. This subject has been generally slanted, even by independent and severe critics of the world system, save the few Avant guards like Marcuse, et al. Classical psychoanalysis as well as modern psychiatry tend to place the blame on the flimsy and weak individual, who hardly has any say in the scheme of things. The blatantly irrational modernist regime, i.e., the Technosphere that has been subjecting collective humanity to its lifeless whim for decades has been spared the blame. For the most part, the implied verdict of modern psychiatry goes more or less like this: the individual is sick and not the larger society! Such intentionally biased conclusions also have consequences; intensely subjected to the logic of the technosphere, an increasing number of victims are resorting to all sorts of, legal or otherwise, to find relative solace.

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