Friday, September 22, 2023

New year 2015 Prices in Addis Abeba Ethiopia

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Ethio Review New Year 2015 Prices in Addis Abeba Ethiopia. The agreement was signed by the CEO of Abay Bank, Yehuala Gesese, the Minister of Revenues Aynalem Niguse, and the Director of INSA, Solomon Soka. At the signing ceremony, Yehuala called on customers to make their tax payments through the Bank using the advanced and streamlined electronic tax collection system. He added that Abay Bank is making a significant contribution to Ethiopia’s economy by paying high taxes on its annual income. Aynalem, meanwhile, said that if bank customers use the modern electronic payment system to make their tax payments, it will benefit them because it is fast, reliable, and time-saving. Solomon Soka, on his part, stated that INSA is fulfilling its national responsibility and working with the Ministry of Revenues and domestic banks to streamline the tax payment system by providing reliable cyber protection.
Abay Bank has already been providing reliable and efficient services to its customers by implementing digital banking services such as public transport payment, plane ticket payment, tele-money, and other modern methods. BICs with integer topological charge in momentum space and theoretically infinity Q factor have been investigated for many applications including nonlinear optics and lasing. By introducing in-plane asymmetry, BICs turn to be quasi-BICs with finite but still high Q factors. Interestingly, the integer topological charge of BICs mode would split into two half integer charges, which symmetrically distribute in momentum space and correspond to left- and right-handed circular polarization states, also known as C points.

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