Friday, September 22, 2023

My son has been found

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Thanks to God! My son has been found. I was mainly focused on the people’s reaction to the war. That’s how I documented the war times. After a few weeks there I was allowed to document the military activities as well; how they are determined to face and stand for what they believe in. That also gave me a few ideas on how to document it.” he said. Great photojournalism is a strange sort of art. Many of its creators disagree that they may be producing marketable works of art and instead regard themselves as truth-tellers. Amanuel, who regards himself as a storyteller, says he always tries his best to tell stories through his photos. “I love facing challenges while shooting, engaging with the community, and understanding the situation firsthand. It makes me more comfortable to know the story behind what I am shooting,” he adds. Although photography is regarded as a means to capture happy moments, the art is more often than not limited to weddings and other celebrations rather than deep-rooted storytelling. Amanuel acknowledges the fact that in upcoming years, storytelling is becoming more feasible in Ethiopia but that most of the previous photography sector was focused on weddings and commercial shoots, which he says he likes, but photography has many tons of categories and storytelling is one of them.

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