Friday, September 22, 2023

My friend stole my husband and married him

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My friend stole my husband and married him. They called me together and insulted me. Being betrayed by a best friend is incredibly hurtful and can be a challenging situation to navigate. It usually happens very unexpectedly, as a best friend should always have your back, right? Since loyalty isn’t always the case, we spoke with Leanna Stockard, LMFT at Life Stance Health, and are here today with some helpful tips on how to deal.

Regardless of age, even the best of friendships can be stressed or even ended when trust is compromised. Read on to learn more about what Stockard has to say about how to handle being betrayed by a best friend. If you are betrayed by a best friend, the first step is to take solid time to consider what happened, why it happened, and how you feel about it. Stockard recommends spending time journaling and meditating, saying these activities can be extremely therapeutic when addressing your feelings. She adds, “These skills, especially journaling, can allow you to put those thoughts into a constructive space, where you can look back and reflect on them at another time.”

Another helpful step is to speak with a confidant for support, and comfort, and to help you sort out your thoughts. An unrelated person to the situation may offer some stellar suggestions on how to get through the situation. If you’re struggling with moving forward, therapy is always an option to consider. Broken trust in a friendship is a biggie to deal with, and every individual has their best way of handling things. A therapy session is a great way to speak openly and confidentially without being judged. A therapist will share coping skills and help you deal with the situation effectively.

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