Friday, September 22, 2023

Melat Tesfaye talked about why did she disappear from Betoch drama

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Interview with the young Ethiopian actress Melat Tesfaye. Melat Tesfaye talked about why did she disappear from the Ethiopian Betoch drama. This is a map of Ethiopia believed to have been drawn by Abraham Ortelius between 1573 and 1575. The Latin inscription “Presbyterian Iohannis, sive, amissinorum Imperii Descriptio” roughly translates to “Prester John’s Description of the Abyssinian Empire”. Europeans believed that a powerful and wealthy ruler named Prester John ruled over a mysterious Christian empire in Africa. The map below is based on Pliny the Elder’s belief that Ethiopia was officially known as Atlantia. The Greek philosopher Proclus was also convinced that Atlantis existed under the name of Ethiopia, citing “Marcellus’ History of Ethiopia”. JA Rogers published a book with this map in 1650, showing the South Atlantic Ocean as the Ethiopian Sea and giving the whole of Central Africa the name Ethiopia. With the highlands that form Africa’s largest continuous mountain range, fertile jungles, many rivers, and even the world’s hottest settlements in Dallol, there’s no reason why Ethiopia shouldn’t be called a fertile land. The following Ethiopia region map also shows Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital and largest city. Addis Ababa is Africa’s capital because of its many embassies and international organizations.

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