Friday, September 22, 2023

Make your wedding with shiro and popcorn

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An entertaining moment for the teenager. Whatever the chosen undertaking is, it will always be projected in our minds as peaceful, with plenty of fresh country air to breathe and a nice relaxing yet fulfilling life. Truly, getting back to nature has always held a significant amount of appeal to the urban weary and this led us to pursue farming in Ethiopia. A few years back, I got the inclination to abandon my hectic city life in which my IT career left me choking with tech here, tech there, and tech everywhere. I conducted a preliminary yet primitive search in cities across Ethiopia and settled on choosing land around the Harar, Jijiga, Dire Dawa, and/or Eastern Hararghe/Oromia areas. One of my main motivators for choosing this region is rooted in the fact that my father is originally from this part of the country; more specifically he is a Dire Dawan. But as fate has it, and after appealing to the aforementioned father to join me in the farming venture, we settled on a piece of land close to a Menschen fur Menschen village. It is a valley with rivers and water wells that run abundant. Our farm is located only a short distance from Harar city and not too far from both the Bible Elephant Sanctuary and the city of Bible itself. And so began the slow process of the transformation of two city slickers into bona fide country bumpkins.

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