Friday, September 22, 2023

Kal and Ayalkebet celebrate their first-year anniversary

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Kal and Ayalkebet celebrate The first year of their meeting. They celebrate their first anniversary. One of the challenges he faced with Ethiopian horses was that they were malnourished. beaten; and worse. This is one of the challenges many ranches face, especially those related to taming. “They hit the horse to make it stronger, which in the long run causes problems with the horse’s behavior. These horses tremble when people get close to them, making it difficult to ride,” says Tegan. After a long and rigorous training, Tsegahun was able to obtain his 20 local horses fit for riding, including his favorite Orion, and his brother Russ. You can easily see his feelings for horses when he talks about them. It is deeply engraved in his psyche. His job is stressful for him, so he rides his bike every day. Sometimes he even skipped the noon ride. surround me They understand love and give me unconditional love, ”says Tsegahun. The ranch is still under construction and the trail base he just opened a month ago. Tsegahun has many plans to include recreational facilities. At Timket (Epiphany), apart from his enchanting holiday parade, horses that are part of traditional ceremonies mark his day. Many police horses roam around Timket on this holiday. 52-year-old Inspector Gilma Gebre, the race’s champion for the past five years in a row, is the spotlight of the holiday. He was famous for his special jumping ability.

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