Friday, September 22, 2023

Just because I’m retired doesn’t mean I can’t work

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Being retired doesn`t mean I can’t work. Spending a day with Ababa Ergo on Sunday on EBS. The talented artist was born and raised in Ethiopia. With a strong passion for art and creativity, he moved to Denver, Colorado in 2015 to pursue a graphic and web design degree. She later transferred to the University of Colorado and earned her BFA in her art practice, concentrating on painting and drawing. Since graduating from her college, Liya has been active in her craft in the United States. The foundation of her artistic practice, she says, is rooted in the cultural differences she encountered as an immigrant and the everyday problems she faces every day. “My paintings are focused on capturing the impact of cultural differences and ideas that express diversity,” she says, explaining how Ethiopia’s diverse cultural background influences her artistic technique. Emphasize the impact. Using techniques and materials from her home and community, Liya repeatedly creates her paternal forms, abstract geometric lines, and vibrant colors that evoke culture, tribe, nature and emotions. “She makes art that ranges from figurative to abstract,” she explained. Liya said the event was fantastic, she said she had the joy and opportunity to network with international artists and was honored to represent her country on the world stage as an artist. She said, “Representing her country and winning multiple awards has been one of the greatest experiences she’s had in my life. I am very honored to be a part of all this,” Liya said. After Liya won numerous awards, she actively represented Ethiopia. The festival provided good exposure for artists visiting Qatar, while also helping Qatar showcase the vibrant culture of other countries. Liya intends to bring her work back to her home in the future and it will be available to the public soon.

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