Friday, September 22, 2023

Interview with Kamuzu Kassa

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What took away our mourning culture? How come one records a video based on the corpse? Interview with Kamuzu Kassa on Tadias Addis. When a person dies in Ethiopia, similarly to the traditional symptoms and symptoms of grief, there are unique traits particular to groups withinside the rural region. The established grief responses can be equal however culturally sanctioned rituals range pretty much a number of the diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural corporations withinside the country. For instance, in southern Ethiopia wherein diverse ethnic corporations co-exist together, the birthday party of the lifeless takes an extended method. Handling the body, dealing with the funeral method, and commemorating the dying follow culturally prescribed rituals. The method of informing own circle of relatives participants is treated with fantastic sensitivity. News of the dying is orchestrated carefully and carried out through a collection of aged or reputable network participants.
As quickly as the terrible information is announced, humans begin collecting on the deceased’s domestic to consolation the grieving own circle of relatives. Families are anticipated to specify their grief openly. Usually, they cry, wail loudly, name out the call of the deceased, and beat their foreheads and chests. Female loved ones may also scratch their face and tear out their hair, throw themselves to the ground, faint, or try to damage themselves as a manifestation of severe grief. Men frequently chant songs, reward and inform memories approximately the deceased one. Young guys assist with putting in rooms, searching after the arrival of guests, digging the burial web website online, and getting ready the casket. If the grieving own circle of relatives does now no longer have a big house, a white tent might be installed outdoors or along the road to house humans. Neighbors prepare substances required for the occasion, including chairs, tables, cookware, blankets, etc. These voluntary moves are frequently taken into consideration as a social obligation and supply an experience of pride.

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