Friday, September 22, 2023

Interview with Balderas party’s head of public relations

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Dr. Bekalu Atnafu talked about the situation of the Balderas Party. Eskinder Nega, the leader of Balderas for genuine democracy, on Thursday announced that he is quitting his role as chairman of the party. In a letter he wrote the executive council of the party, he said he has reached the point where he can no longer work in his role as leader of the party or even a member due to outright repression and dictatorship of the government which he described in Amharic as “Teregnaw Chequagne mengist” ( it could translate dictatorial government that is reigning in its turn). A handwritten letter to the party leadership (which is also shared on social media) said “It is to be recalled that I have been contributing, for many years, my part for Ethiopia’s transition to a democratic system. However, due to outright dictatorial pressure from the reigning repressive government on Balderas and at the national level, I have reached a point where I can not work as part of the leadership or as a member…” Eskindier called on the executive committee of the party, leaders of the party at different levels, members of Balderas, and non-governmental organizations to support the work of the deputy president of the party, Amha Gagnaw.

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