Friday, September 22, 2023

Impact Award 2022: Eregnaye Crew Awarded!

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The Eregnaye drama, which has a special and historical place in the history of Ethiopian television drama series, has been awarded the 2022 Impact Award!

Congratulations to everyone behind the Eregnaye drama!! Eregnaye is an Ethiopian television drama series written by Azeb Worku, Beza Hailu, and Kidist Yilma, with the latter, produced it. It premiered on 7 June 2021 on ARTS TV and concluded on 19 August 2022 with 4 seasons and 48 episodes.

Starring Hailemelekot Mewael, Fikreyesus Zewde, Solomon Bogale, Mulalem Tadesse, Sayat Demissie Abebe Balcha, Amanuel Habtamu, and Dirbwork Seifu, the story revolves around the rural Ethiopian culture and emphasizes about social norms in one single utopian community. The community’s mutual relationship is later eroded by one greedy company that wants to grab their land and corrupt their culture.

Aba Sahilu plays a respected elder who tries to maintain societal welfare and the other roles trapped in complicated lives in the latter part. Eregnaye was written by prominent filmmakers Azeb Worku, Beza Hailu, and Kidist Yilma, and produced by the latter. The drama strongly associated with the cultural background of Ethiopia—represented by dressing, jewelry, and apparatuses—is a masterpiece for artistic conception.

There are also greetings, invitations, wedding ceremonies, religious traditions, mourns, and poetry resembling old-fashioned Ethiopian culture. Eregnaye also drew the concept to political context reflecting the ongoing situation of the country. The series intended to demonstrate societal life through different obstacles (loss or gain, living together, compromise, and diversity).

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