Friday, September 22, 2023

I’m ashamed to be a beggar at this age

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The sad story of the young Ethiopian woman. I give her a bottle of water. I’m ashamed to be a beggar at this age. The organization is in a mess. Production has nosedived and is fast approaching that decisive red line, clients are turning their backs in search of alternatives, and workplace discipline is at an all-time low with minor disputes degenerating into punches. The head of the organization took office some years back promising to make the place ‘the first of its kind in East Africa’ or whatever. He boasted in meetings after meetings that before the year was up the organization will be the envy of the business world, the torchbearer of the most refined success. All that was three years back. The entire system is swaying on shaky ground; the tsunami would hit with destructive force at any time. Mismanagement, alleged corruption, ethnic favoritism, etc. have turned the place into a war zone of sorts. Most of all the head doesn’t have what it takes to lead a household of five let alone an organization of hundreds. The honorable thing to do is resign; a term that has become alien to this society. The fellow could have saved face by tending in his resignation. (There are many whose resignation letters should have hit their bosses’ tables long ago.) That is not going to happen; Not around here anyway. Why are we so scared of the term resignation? Why don’t we see reality in the face, resign, and go look for other green pastures?

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