Friday, September 22, 2023

I used to wash my teachers’ coat

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Ethiopian artists Zebiba Girma and Lemlem on YeLeb Weg program part one. I used to wash my teachers’ coats. I believe that most fresh ideas come from a combination of events. They may arise as a result of client dissatisfaction with existing products or services, leading them to seek to find alternatives to those products or services. And ours falls inside these boundaries.
For example, we have just relocated to another location, and the house we purchased needed numerous repairs before we could move in. We had to locate a plumber to replace the wash basin, the paint was ripped out and needed to be repainted, and the breaker switch tripped when two appliances were plugged in at the same time, so we required an electrician to fix this. Then, at the time, we looked for a company that could provide everything we required all at once, but we couldn’t locate one, which is how Min Litazez Addis was born. Yes, I suppose so; a few companies are attempting to develop the platform. However, none of them are like us. We have no commonalities other than the fact that we all use software technology as a market tool. We have learned from the licensing office and other interested governmental agencies that no one else offers such a diverse choice of capacities, service locations, and formalities as we do. We had already planned ahead of time. We conducted research and observations to identify the difficulties, and we were able to provide fantastic answers for societies in particular, as well as move the country forward using this platform in general.

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