Friday, September 22, 2023

I love my freedom so much that I never had a lover

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Some hide their emotions, open their emotional books, and express their emotions only at the right place and at the right time. Most of us probably fall into the third category. I like people who open their emotion books more than people who put their emotions in a jar and then tape their poker faces shut to hide the contents of the jar. You know what to expect from people who easily display anger, joy, and indifference. And it’s easy to find strategies to deal with this type of people and live peacefully with them. Using a poker face puts you in a constant cycle of guesswork, misunderstandings, and disappointments. Repressing your emotions is also unhealthy. The more you try to keep your emotions in check, the less peace you will find. Because those feelings start eating you up and causing more inner pain. So it’s probably best to let her out at least once in a while. The difficult part about emotions is regulating them. Left unregulated, the damage can be severe and permanent. Of course, I’m talking about our bad emotions here. After all, who wants to put happy feelings in a bottle? Emotions are like cooking oil boiling in a lit pot. It’s a constant struggle to lift the lid for freedom. With prolonged burning, the lid eventually explodes releasing boiling oil from the pot and creating more fire in the stove. There are three ways to prevent hot oil from splashing onto your stove and causing further damage. The first option is to avoid fire entirely.

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