Friday, September 22, 2023

I lost my son, my family and my money

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Please understand my problem and give me your thoughts from your heart. I lost my son, my family, and my money. Encourage open, honest, and thoughtful reflection. Talk openly with young teens about healthy
relationships. Allow them to articulate or their values and expectations for healthy relationships. Rather than dismissing ideas as “wrong”, encourage debate —this helps young people come to her understanding. Parenting a young teen is not easy—especially when it comes to helping him or she navigate their way through relationships. To be effective, you will need to find the balance between being sensitive and firm. Try to adapt to the changes faced by your child. Be willing to talk openly and respect differences of opinion. And, realize that the decisions you make will sometimes be unpopular with your young teen. Understand teen development. Adolescence is all about experimentation. From mood swings to risk-taking, “normal teenage behavior” can appear anything but normal. New research, however, reveals that brain development during these formative years plays a significant role in young teens’ personalities and actions. Knowing what’s “normal” is critical to helping you better understand and guide young people. Understand the pressure and the risk teens face. Preteens and young teens face new and increasing pressures about dating. Time and time again, young teens express their desire to have parents/role models take the time to listen to them and help them think through the situations they face – be that person!

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