Friday, September 22, 2023

I have carried my son on my back for 25 years

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He is my first child, and I have carried my son on my back for 25 years. We work on transporting biological samples and laboratory reagents and test results. As part of our company’s commitment to making financial services accessible to everyone, we provide bulk payment services for organizations’ and businesses’ fee collection. We have a post shop for manufacturers or importers to sell their products at our outlets throughout the country.
Our Postal Museum and Philately house over 4000 stamps and historic tools and objects that will take you back to the early days of Ethiopia and Ethiopost, as early as 1894. We are also focusing on improving the quality of these services by assessing gaps, and by re-designing to improve the safety and speed of our services. Two years ago, it could take about 7 days for package deliveries to reach their destination while now it is less than two days. Similarly, we have managed to cut the delivery time from 4 days to less than a day for the EMS. It is also worth noting that Ethiopost takes a major share in the sector when compared to other companies in our country. We have always been solution-oriented in our approach, and we often look for gaps to assess and find the necessary solutions. We are also a member of the Universal Post Union (UPU), making it easy for us to improve our services.

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