Friday, September 22, 2023

I have a question for those who want to raise my child

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They brought me to the police saying it stole my child. I have a question for those who want to raise my child. The tragic story of an Ethiopian mother. One of the most pressing parenting challenges facing many parents today is lack of time. 24 days a day, you have to coordinate your time between different tasks. Office chores, household chores, child care, and, of course, most of the time it becomes impossible. Parents face the challenge of allocating their time in the best possible for each task. However, when the same lessons are scheduled with better time management, parents can have time for all tasks without tormenting their children. You can’t let parenting chores go to waste and focus solely on office work. Children need fair attention from their parents. If their needs are not met, they may suffer from ignorance and become victims of an inferiority complex. If parents are very busy or stuck somewhere, they need to explain to their children why they can’t be reached and teach them how to be independent when they’re not around. shows that most children engage in undesirable activities because they have not been taught proper moral values ​​by their parents. Their lack of moral principles makes them unable to distinguish between right and wrong, making them more likely to adopt inappropriate patterns of behavior. With the increasing use of technology and gadgets, children are drawn to the downsides of the internet if their parents do not monitor their activities.

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