Friday, September 22, 2023

I don’t want anyone to touch my rights and I will take my responsibility

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Interview with Dr. Betel Dreje. I don’t want anyone to touch my rights and I will take responsibility. I insisted, ready to tell the boring story you hear so often these days. Perhaps his wife read Riot in the middle of the night. You know, she’s like “pink lipstick on a white collar.” Or maybe he put away a lot of gin last night. “There was a meeting at our office yesterday…” he began. Haha! Another meeting where everyone was at each other’s throats! A capable collaborator, he has avoided verbally pulling hair or bashing his character in meetings. Even Sisyphean-type patience would have been exhausted by the scale of the accusations and counterarguments. We are in the age of dog eat dog. But our man needn’t have worried. He was mostly to himself. Why should an exemplary employee known for his impeccable performance worry even a little? If someone was creative enough, he could even act as the face of the company. If anyone deserves Cloud 9 treatment, he is. So he pretends to be interested for about an hour until the Sword of Damocles falls with a bang. He is called an arrogant man who doesn’t greet properly and looks down on other colleagues from lower-level employees he doesn’t know. he is arrogant! He looks down on others!

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