Friday, September 22, 2023

I can not live without you

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I can not live without you. Is there anything more wonderful than to hear or say, “I love you?” Being able to tell someone you love them for the first time is a powerful, intimate moment, whether it is to a new friend you’ve welcomed into your life, a romantic partner, or a squirming bundle of joy.

The most direct means of expressing love is simply saying, “I love you.” There are countless other ways to express love aside from this phrase’s simplicity and straightforward nature, and many other means of expressing love can more effectively and creatively tell someone you love them.

Expressing and demonstrating love are important aspects of any loving relationship. Even in a parent-child relationship, regular demonstrations and expressions of love are essential in maintaining a sense of stability and safety. In friendship, showing love is important, and in romance, being able to express your feelings for your partner (or prospective partner) is one of the most important things.

Why? If you feel loved but do not express love, your partner, parent, or loved one is unlikely to realize or understand the depth of your feelings for them. Although many people might feel safe and secure in relationships without regular praise and verbal expressions of commitment and adoration, most people enjoy being consistently told they are loved, valued, and seen.

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