Friday, September 22, 2023

I asked for alms for 2 years to save my life

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The amazing journey of life. I have begged for 2 years without my family knowing to save my life! Loss is an inevitable part of life whether you lose a job, an opportunity, or a relationship. Loss is one of life’s greatest challenges regardless of how it happens. It can feel sudden and destructive. But losing allows us to think about what matters to move on. Losing something you had or wanted can be a welcome wake-up call. Loss forces us to ask ourselves, “What was it worth to me that I lost?” and “What do I want to do to get what I want?”. If you choose to examine your loss through the lens of these questions, you will come to understand the true value of what you have lost and why you value it. A clear understanding of why you care about it is key to becoming a better person. They have many names. Failure, wrench, contingency. But there will always be setbacks along the way to becoming a better person. We all experience slowdowns, interruptions, or delays in our journeys. The challenge is to understand why the delay occurred. What caused our progress to slow down or stagnate? You can intellectually know everything you need to do or say, but there are moments when your humanity comes into play. Despite your efforts to be a better person, you do or say things that you suddenly regret. You may or may not react negatively to your desire to be a better person.

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