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How do Yegna drama actors spend their time outside the drama?

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How do Yegna drama actors spend their time outside the drama? The cast of Yegna tv drama. Yegna auditioned more than 1500 young people across the country and selected 7 new casts to become ambassadors of Yegna, one of Ethiopia’s largest youth brands.

The new cast – a new group of five girls and two boys – successfully made it through a rigorous selection process based on talent, dedication, and ability to represent the Yegna values. The new cast is starring in a brand-new TV drama that started to air in March 2019, the Yegna TV drama will follow seven young Ethiopians as they become friends and reprise the Yegna band. The seven new characters will represent the lives of millions of Ethiopian teens, as they strive to find their voice and follow their dreams.

Tsega [the brave country mouse] is played by Tsedenya Lemma, Lomi [the thoughtful one] is played by Blen Alem, Alem [the tormented princess] is played by Tsinat Terefe, Fikir [the rebel] played by Tirhas Gebru, Hana [the wise] played by Bethlehem Shefredin, Dawit [the charming bully] played by Abenezer Tesfaye and Haile [the boy next door] played by Yared Alemayehu.

The stories in the drama have been created to reflect the complex lives of teenagers across the country, and the characters serve as role models for audiences, demonstrating how to creatively overcome the challenges girls currently face in Ethiopia. Yegna TV Drama will be the first of its kind in the Ethiopian media space where there is no content specifically targeted at adolescent youth.

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