Friday, September 22, 2023

Funny and entertaining scenes of the family game

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Funny and entertaining scenes of the family game. Regarding the series, Kiya told the publication, “This is a lot deeper than just hair. Our hair is a sculpture full of meaning… I want everyone to be proud of their strong African hair. My goal is not only to preserve what remains. It’s to help bring these styles back. Not just for Ethiopia, not just for Africa, but for the world.” The NFT which took many months to complete shows hair as a vessel of culture and as an art form, but it also documents how hair can represent identity, singular expressions, and the phases of life. In her explanation of the series, she stressed to Okay Africa how much the crypto world has impacted Yatreda’s work and why it is an empowering space for creators, “Without NFTs, none of this work has a real home. Why do I say this? Because if we simply uploaded it to YouTube or Instagram, maybe it would be appreciated with likes. Those likes benefit only large companies, who give very little back to the actual creators who are the soil of their platform.” In its artwork and innovative choices, the woman-led collective shows that cultural artwork is valuable, copyright ownership is possible and innovation can advance artists who choose it- all while preserving living histories for future generations.

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