Friday, September 22, 2023

From luxurious life to shoe polish business

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From luxurious life to shoe polish business, Unexpected life journey and endurance of the Ethiopian woman. When they see me carrying a child, it`s hard for them to let me clean their shoes. “We want to place Ethiopian wine on the map.

We love the fact that diasporas drink our products but that is a niche market so what we want is to be positioned on the shelf next to newcomers like Hungarian wines,” Weiss told The Reporter. Celebrating more than six decades of wine production Awash is on the verge of identifying strategic partners to export wine to the US and other Western countries.

Weiss says that there are a huge number of Ethiopians in the diaspora who drink Ethiopian wine products but what the people at Awash are looking for is a wider market. The competition is fierce and the market is dominated by world-renowned wine brands. And that is not an easy market for Ethiopian wines to penetrate.

For Weiss, the opportunity is the variety of tastes in customers and the growing trend of preference for sweet wine. “For instance, in the US demand for sweet wine is growing. Palates are changing and we are focusing on those new consumers and those who are keen on tasting what Ethiopian wine is,” Weiss says.`

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